Our Stylists

Tanya Evans



Tanya’s passion and dedication in the hair industry shows in her work. Tanya prides herself on providing a high level of service, going above and beyond to ensure that every single one of her clients has a personalised experience. Tanya makes sure she regularly attends education classes which gives her the ability to switch up her looks. Her strengths are her ability to switch for strong, classic haircuts to soft, sexy bohemian looks. Tanya also loves nothing better than a beautiful natural colour, freehand colouring is her thing! Tanya is an absolute master of her craft with 25 years behind her.

From Tanya

“I have always said, ‘the minute I stop loving what I do, I will hang my tools up.’ Well, I still dream about creating new looks so I am just as passionate as the day I first started. I love my team and I love my clients! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing life! I love all hair, I love hair in great condition. You need a beautiful canvas to work on so I believe in professional haircare products. I absolutely LOVE freehand painting, I love natural sexy looking hair. A good haircut is a must.”


Sue Dwyer

Sue’s solid career has spanned over three decades. Having worked with Tanya for over 15 years, Sue knows her stuff. Her talents and passion for precision cutting, Sue is very talented at cutting fine hair and explaining to the client how to maintain the style at home. Sitting in front of Sue, you can rest assured that you will feel at ease with her expertise. 

From Sue

“I love being able to give my clients the colour and/or haircut and style that they feel great wearing every day.”


Megan Cramp

Megan is our cheerful, positive hairstylist with an abundance of energy. Megan is a master of creating strong beautiful haircuts. Megan has a passion for a big beautiful blow-wave and loves a good strong colour. She is consistently going above and beyond to achieve the desired results her clients are wanting to achieve.

From Megan
“I’ve been hairdressing for 26 years, my clients are my extended family! Without them my career would not have been possible. Being a hairdresser is the best profession. Everyday is a new day, I get to be creative, bond with others and make them feel amazing. I love going to my job to help transform the way my clients feel about themselves, it defiantly makes my job so enjoyable and rewarding along with all the laughs, smiles, friendships and hugs. Hairdressers don’t have to go to work, we get to go to work. I love my job and the gorgeous girls I work with, my passion is hair cutting/ restyling, men’s cutting, blow drying, coloring.”

Naomi Brew

Naomi’s passion is to create soft beautiful, sexy, feminine hair! Having a passion for colour work, Naomi loves to enhance dimensions both blondes and brunettes. Naomi loves freehand painting and also loves to create beautiful pastel toner! Naomi’s cutting techniques include soft and flowy, textured looks. Her speciality is a strong choppy lob with some beautiful handpainted colours throughout it.

From Naomi

“Hair is one thing that continually ceases to amaze me. Every single day, I not only get the chance to exercise my creative muscle and transform someone’s appearance but also the way they feel about themselves. My favourite technique would have to be anything balayage, babylights and freehand. I choose colours that complement and enhance my clients’ features.”


Jess Morely

Jess has a ‘yes, let’s do it’ approach to hairdressing. Jess loves to create beautiful clean blonds, eye-catching, rich brunettes. She has a natural eye for balancing out a haircut that will suit you and grow out beautifully. Jess will listen to her client’s requests and then offer them the advice they need.

From Jess

“One of my favourite techniques is foiling, I love to aim to get that perfect tone you desire. It makes me so happy to see my clients walk out with a huge smile on there face and feel amazing about themselves”


Lauren Noronha

Lauren is a calm and considerate stylist. Her priority is to have a ‘hair goal’ with her clients. Lauren loves to make hair pop with her cute, quirky personality. She loves nothing better than a creative colour or a sassy, sexy bride. Lauren is the queen of upstyles, especially one with a little vintage twist.

From Lauren

“Since the day I cut off my own fringe (the day before my kindergarten photos), I knew I was meant to be a hairdresser. It’s safe to say today my skills are much more perfected than my earlier years. I believe as a hairdresser you never stop learning and should never want to stop trying to perfect your craft. I love retro styles, classic styles, funky quirky styles from cutting to colouring. I love beautiful hair and my ultimiate love is for upstyles. Working with a team of like-minded and open-minded people at Nivarna is my home away from home.”


Abbey Maxwell

Abbey is a youthful, engaging hairstylist with a fun ‘can do anything’ approach. Abbey has a passion for creating a beautiful blonde, be it platinum blonde or a soft natural. She loves adding a soft pop of toner to tweak her blondes. Abbey has a beautiful easy approach to her clients which makes it so easy to connect with her and let her wave her magic wand over your hair. Abbey is your ‘go-to girl’ for styling tips and product advice. She is also very amazing at creating big beautiful bouncy blow-dry.

From Abbey
“I love designing and playing with all types of hair, as I’m still in the learning stage finding my place in the industry, One thing is for sure, I love to educate all I can to my clients about condition and keeping their hair healthy, especially as I’m obsessed with a clean beautiful blonde, being able to push the limits and getting it 100% right, it becomes so important. Doing pastel/bright colours or a complete colour change to make things interesting is always a good challenge! Hairdressing is like riding a wave, Everyday is a different story, different styles and different people .. it’s all about riding the wave and going beyond clients expectations.”

Georgia Dyson

A superstar stylist in the making! Georgia is one to watch. having trained under many top educators, Georgia is an absolute creative genius. She is already showing the ability to understand and create sharp and technical cuts, having already completed many freehand colour workshops. Georgia can create a beautiful soft feminine sweeping colour effect.

From Georgia

“As an apprentice I love observing and learning off all the talented and knowledgeable girls I’m lucky to work with. My favourite technique I have learnt so far is creating a soft, natural look with freehand balayage. I’m inspired to use hair to enhance a persons natural features and can’t wait to continue learning different techniques and cutting skills to achieve this.”


Lucy Cunningham

Lucy has been apart of our team since 2016. She is our little bubble of fun and energy. Lucy shares a passion for caring for our clients with lots of knowledge behind the basin making her out No.1 SHAMPOOLIGIST. And did I mention Lucy does a mean ‘head massage’.

From Lucy

“I have a love for hair and knowing what each hair type needs to have silky smooth hair. I enjoy giving relaxing (and ridiculously good) massages (if I do say so myself)! I am bubbly and fun and if you come in, you might just get one of my “Famous Lucy Massages”!


Vivien Calavassy

Vivien Calavassy has been servicing clients in Springwood, the Blue Mountains and surrounds for over 18 years. Vivien is an experienced nail technician specialising in acrylic nails, polygel, and Shellac for all occasions including formals, weddings and events.

From Viv

“The way your nails look can truly transform how you feel about yourself, whether it be for a special event or low-maintenance daily glamour. Having had more than 18 years in the industry, it’s all about staying up to date with new trends and techniques, while still staying true to the craft. Many of my clients have been with me for more than a decade and not only see me to beautify their nails, but also for laughter, great conversation and friendship.”