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At Nivarna Hair Studio, we know that the right hair color can make you feel like your best self. Our team of professional hair colorists in Springwood, NSW, are here to bring your vision to life. Whether you want to enhance your natural hue or go for a bold, vibrant transformation, our experts use the latest techniques and high-quality products to create stunning results that last.

pricing guide for lightening

Pricing can vary on hair density, length or regrowth or amount of colour needed for the service. This is just a guide only, please refer to our booking policy.

POA: for all of our services including out POA it’s best to come into the salon for a free consultation.

FOILSCreative DirectorMaster ColouristSenior Stylist Emerging Stylist
Face framing $139 $111 $108.15 $87.55
Half head $169.95 $164.50 $159.65 $128.75
3/4 head $215 $211.15 $205 $165
Full head $262.65 $249 $242 $190.55
BALAYAGECreative DirectorMaster ColouristSenior Stylist Emerging Stylist
Virgin Balayage $305 $298.70 $290 $230
Balayage retouch $255 $246 $239 $182
Basin Balayage $103 $96 $93.30 $84.90
Balayage with roots $355 $350 $340 $230
BLEACHCreative DirectorMaster ColouristSenior Stylist
Bleach roots $200 $195.70 $190
Virgin bleach
(roots to ends)
$330 $330 $272.95

Maintenance Tips

Leave with personalized advice on how to care for your new color and keep it vibrant for weeks to come.

Trust the Best Hair Colour Salon in Springwood

Join us at Nivarna Hair Studio, the best hair colour salon in Springwood, and let’s create a color that complements your style.